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Address-book Component

Address Book The Address-book component provides a mechanism of storing the names, addresses and other details of a set of people. Unless used in an Intranet, it would typically be password protected.

In addition to the standard fields (name, address, email, notes, etc.) Net-Conception can provide client specific fields. These might include the relevant category for the individual - for example: "Customer", "Supplier", "Staff".

One further field allows you to attach an alias to an individual - this could be "General Manager" or "Information". When creating pages, you can include a button to send mail to (say) the "General Manager" without revealing their actual e-mail address.

The Address-book is useful in its own right but also in conjunction with either the News System or the E-mail System.

When used in conjunction with the News System, the Address-book can contain check boxes indicating whether a person is interested in receiving e-mail about latest news or coming events. When a news article was posted, an e-mail would Address Book Screen automatically be sent to all those appropriately marked in the Address-book.

When used in conjunction with the E-mail system, you can send mail to a group of people as indicated by their category - for example:
  • You could an e-mail to all customers interested in a certain category of products
  • You could send an e-mail to all staff

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