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Net-Conception are based in Epsom & Ewell, Surrey, UK

Content Management System

Edit It Yourself

A good website should not remain static for long - both to retain relevancy and to help maintain search engine ranking. Net-Conception are quite happy to maintain your site for you but we do offer a facility for you to alter and add web pages yourselves. This facility (Content Management System) is called EIY (Edit It Yourself). It gives you a simple set of web page editing tools that require no knowledge of HTML or other Internet technologies. In fact, in most cases, only simple word processing skills are needed to alter your website.

As an example, this website is entirely constructed with EIY - as indeed are most of our websites.

EIY Features

  • Formatted text
  • Section titles
  • Lists (bulleted or numbered)
  • Pictures
  • Buttons to send an e-mail
  • Buttons to download a document
  • Buttons to link to other pages
  • Tables
  • Boxes containing any of the above

To assist with navigation, most websites will include a menu. The Content management System also includes a Menu Editor to enable all menu options to be changes as desired.

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