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Promoting Your Site

Importance of search engines

You may have a great looking site but if search engines either can't find it or don't rank it highly, your traffic may be worryingly light. Most users don't go past the third page of search results and AOL found that 92% of users click on a search result on the first page. For lucrative search terms, the competition is fierce.

Search engine optimization

The "science" of getting a website well ranked on search engines is called search engine optimization (or SEO for short). The strategies are constantly evolving but the basics remain relatively constant:
  1. Analyse your market to determine the best key phrases to target
  2. Get yourself a well crafted, search engine friendly website that appropriately uses the chosen key phrases
  3. Ensure a large number of other (preferably popular) websites and directories have links to your site
  4. Regularly update / expand your site content
These steps are shown sequentially but in practice the process is cyclic and ongoing.

website promotion

How can Net-Conception help?

Net-Conception has a good understanding of the practicalities of getting your website well ranked by search engines. We don't believe in using unethical tactics that may get you short term advantages but could well result in your site being banned by search engines. Equally, we don't make unrealistic promises.

Instead our processes involve examining the tactics of the leaders in your market and seeking to better them. This includes advice on key phrase selection, directory placement, linkage programmes, etc.

Where required, we will also advise on paid advertising schemes like Google's Adwords.

We have both "kick-start" and ongoing maintenance programmes for search engine optimization and for paid advertising.

For more information, check out our Search Engine Optimization Tips page.

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