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Glossary of Internet Terms

For those that find the Internet a little confusing, here is a glossary of terms:

BandwidthHow much you can send through a connection. Usually measured in bits per second (bps).
BlogShort for 'web log' - a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links
BroadbandGenerally refers to connections to the Internet with much greater bandwidth than you can get with a 'dial-up' modem.
BrowserA programme (like Internet Explorer) that is used to look at various kinds of Internet resources such as web-pages.
CookieA piece of information that a website stores on your computer to enable it to remember something about you when next you look at that website.
CrawlerSame as spider.
CyberspaceTerm used to describe the whole range of information resources available through computer networks.
Domain nameThe unique name that identifies an Internet site.
DownloadTransferring data (usually a file) from another computer to the one you're using.
E-mailElectronic Mail - messages, often text, sent from one person to another via computer.
FlashA technology that facilitates higly animated or interactive web pages.
FTPFile Transfer Protocol - a common method of moving files between computers.
HostingThe housing and electronic publishing of a website complete with e-mail and other associated internet services.
HTMLHyperText Markup Language - the coding language used to create documents for use on the World Wide Web.
HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol - the standard for accessing HTML pages.
ISPInternet Service Provider - an organization that provides access to the Internet in some form.
KeywordThe word or words that relate to a particular  topic.  Keywords or phrases are used to construct search terms to find information.
NetiquetteThe etiquette of the Internet
PPCPay Per Click - an approach to search engine marketing where website owners can bid on keywords and pay a set amount for each click.
RSS or RSS FeedStands for "Really Simple Syndication" (a.k.a. Rich Site Summary). A mechanism for promptly informing a user of pertinent news or other information.
SEO Search Engine Optimization - a set of methodologies aimed at improving the visibility of a website in search engine listings.
ServerA typically remote computer or software running on that computer that provides a service to an end-user. For example, the supply of web pages, e-mail, etc.
SpamGenerally refers to electronic junk mail or junk newsgroup postings. Spam (or spamdexing) also refers to mechanisms of artificially boosting a website's ranking on search engines.
SpiderSoftware used by a search engine to crawl all over the web and catalogue it to enable swift response to search requests.
StreamingThe act of sending media (audio or video) over the Internet to a user in such a way that it can be viewed / heard seconds after transmission commences and before the entire clip has been sent.
UrlUniform Resource Locator - an address that specifies the location of a file (e.g. web page, picture, etc.) on the Internet.
WWWWorld Wide Web

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