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E-mail System Component

The e-mail system is an optional web-site component. It can be used in three different Address selector ways:
  1. For including a button in a web page for sending an e-mail to a named or anonymous person. This mechanism allows e-mail to be sent to someone in a company without revealing their address - so that it can't be picked up for purposes of spamming.
  2. To allow a person (typically with certain privileges) to send an e-mail to individuals or to one of a set of groups as defined by the client (for example: all Section Leaders, all people interested in sports cars, etc.)
  3. To automatically send an e-mail to a registered group of people when a predefined trigger occurs (for example: when someone posts a new page concerning the Accounts Department)
The pictures here illustrate an example of second method of usage in which a mail-shot is being sent to all customers of a fictitious car showroom with a copy being sent to the General Manager.
Email Screen

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