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Setting the Requirements for your Website

Optional service

Requirements analysis is an optional service depending on whether the client has a clear view of the goals of their prospective website.

The process

The first stage of creating a purposeful website is that of capturing and analysing its requirements - taking into account all its intended user types and functions. Analysis includes examining the marketing requirements of the client to ensure the website appeals to the right sort of people.

The process is an iterative one involving interviews with clients and potential users. It typically involves ascertaining the following:
  1. System scope (what areas does it cover)
  2. Competitive environment
  3. Typical types of users
  4. Typical scenarios of usage

Competitive environment

The competitive environment is primarily explored in relation to the Internet and in particular those competitors that have prominent websites that rank highly in the more popular search engines.

Scenarios of usage

Each scenario of usage is described in terms of:
  • Short overview
  • What needs to have happened before this scenario?
  • What is the chain of events in the scenario?
  • What is the situation afterwards?
  • What exceptions are there?
Armed with the above information - checked by the client - we are then in a position to move towards designing a site fit for its purpose.

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