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RSS News Feeds

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a mechanism for keeping your readers informed of latest developments on your site.

One use for this technology is for a user to effectively create their own newspaper populated with the latest articles of relevance to themselves. Thus, for example, they could request new articles related to local news, local weather, their favourite singers, their favourite sports, their job function, etc.

How does a user request an RSS feed?

When a user visits a site they like, if they see an icon like those shown above, they can click on it and subscribe to an RSS feed for that site.

Thereafter, when they look at their RSS feed, they'll see all the articles you'd like to bring to their attention.

As an example, subscribe to the RSS Feed for Net-Conception by clicking here:    Subscribe in Rojo

RSS news feed logos

How would I put one on my site?

The first step is to brief us that you would like RSS capability and we will put one of the above buttons on your site informing users of your news feed. Then, complete an online form indicating which web pages should be included in the feed.

Is there a downside to this technology?

Only that you will have to put some effort into regularly creating new and interesting web pages in order to keep your readership happy.

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