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Net-Conception are based in Epsom & Ewell, Surrey, UK

News Provision

Simple News System

If you want to keep your website readers up to date with your latest news, you can have the Net-Conception news system built into the site. This provides a simple news editing facility for the site administrator that enables a few paragraphs plus a picture to be incorporated into a news article.

A news viewer shows all the articles in reverse chronological order - three or four to a web page.

The Net-Conception Site Search facility will also scan all the news articles for matching terms.
News headlines

Comprehensive News System

The Comprehensive News System is an extension of the Content Management System. It allows any user of the web-site to submit a page (typically of news) that is reviewed by a proof-reader prior to being accepted onto the site. This gives everyone the ability to contribute pages to the site but adds a degree of control so that no spurious messages are allowed.

Users classify their news pages according to a set of pre-defined categories and the pages are then listed under those categories in the web-site.

When a new page is accepted by the proof-reader, she can opt to have an e-mail sent to everyone who's expressed an interest in receiving news of the given category. This mechanism is achieved using two other components: the Address Book and the E-mail System .

This kind of news system would be of benefit to closed groups such as clubs, local communities, company departments, etc.

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