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Net-Conception are based in Epsom & Ewell, Surrey, UK

Web Design Service

Fit for purpose

At Net-Conception, we believe a website should be fit for purpose. For example, if you're trying to sell luxury goods to the status conscious, your website should ooze the kind of opulence your potential customers are likely to desire. Similarly, if you're trying to "pile your goods high and sell them cheap" your website should be crammed with bargain products and special offers. Every business or organization has a target market and your website should be optimized for that - using the language your customers understand and the imagery that attracts them.

Fitting the budget

OK, so you know what you would like but can you afford it? We understand that every business will be working to a budget and, as a consequence, we aim to provide the best possible value for money within your budgetary constraints. If this means the result will be stretched to achieve your goals, we'll tell you so but ultimately it's your choice and we want you to make it fully informed of the web design options.

Raising the standard

Our websites are built to industry standards (with W3C certification) to ensure they have a wide reach and long life.


A degree of responsiveness will always enhance the user experience of a website. This could take the form of a questionnaire, feedback form or request to download further information / useful software. It could be a search facility or the presentation of products within requested genres, and so on.

Net-Conception have considerable experience in creating these kind of interactive facilities for your site complete with any database programming needed behind the scenes.

Web design

Graphics and animation

Net-Conception provides a full service with regard to website images including photography, computer graphics and animations of various types.

However, with regard to animations, we would caution that they should be used wisely to amplify your message while not detracting from the rest of the page. Typically, a certain amount of subtleness is needed to provide a gloss to your web design impresses the user but doesn't overawe them.


Net-Conception can provide two kinds of e-commerce solutions:
  • Fully bespoke solutions
  • Solutions based on third party e-commerce engines e.g. osCommerce
In general, we would recommend the latter as they give a cost effective solution while still allowing a significant degree of customization.

Optional extras

A range of additional features are available to augment your site:

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